Avenging a cheating spouse

A dear friend has just discovered her husband's many affairs behind her back. She is full of anger and wants revenge on her cheating spouse. She wants me to help her. Any suggestions?

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June 7, 2017


  1. First thing to that is important here is does your friend still love her husband or not. See taking a revenge is only helpful if she wants to hurt that man. For traditional Indian wives husband's are their soul so a revenge with husband will be like hurting her own self. But if she is a practical lady like me, she must take off her red label (sindoor) and just start doing what she wants. She may join clubs, she may visit disc on Saturday meet guys and find her own happiness. If she is not the only one in her husband's life, she must not keep her husband the only one in her own life. *p*

  2. Relationship counselling may be a better solution. "Revenge" is going to cause her further agony… Plus, if the husband has been cheating on her, he is not going to stop/ change magically- even with revenge. His deeds are not going to alter. Her expecting that revenge is going to alter the relationship or bring her peace, may not work!*p*

  3. A man who has had many affairs behind his wife's back is surely taking her for granted. The first thing to do is to cut him off completely. If you want him back still it is best that the wife spends more time on herself, get herself rocking. Gain family and friends to support. Ignore him till he apologises.*p**p*There can be many other devious methods if she wishes to lose him completely.*p*

  4. I hope taking a revenge wouldn't lead to cheating back at her husband. Because that's futile and wouldn't teach him a lesson. She should take a lesson and break off her marriage and leave him immediately. Only solution is to get him out of her life. *p*

  5. First, let some cooling period pass before reaching a plan.*p**p*Rebound is always dangerous.*p**p*Meanwhile she definitely needs a lot of moral and emotional support.*p**p*Better to confront the husband with proofs.*p**p*Reach a solution that the lady in picture here, feels most satisfied to.*p*

  6. I think just lay low for a while. maybe the two should discuss….how will rveenge get anything? Try and figure out what really happened…*p*

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