Being crazy all the time in relationship is good or not ???

Few persons love to be crazy & adventurous all the time weather they are in relationship or not. If the partner does not like adventurous things, sometime they need to leave their crazy nature. Why person can’t be same after being in relationship ???

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June 7, 2017


  1. The problem is not with being ‘crazy’ and ‘adventurous’. The real issue is what it means for each couple and their feelings towards it. For some, an overtly expressive partner prone to dramatic declarations of love or incessant need to stay in touch would be crazy while for others it may mean the opposite. My husband never misses the opportunity to try extreme sports and it seem crazy at times but I love him more because of that spirit. Couples over time work out each others’ likes an dislikes and the lines they should avoid crossing. This comment seems to stem from a communication lag. Perhaps he or she doesn’t even know what they are doing is hurting/irritating you. Best wishes ??

  2. Hey! That’s nature! You are born with particular traits that find expression through your unique personality randomly. Won’t it be boring to be totally predictable in a relationship. If you are like a toy that springs out when unboxed then that’s you. It gives you strokes of happiness. Maintain your individuality and try to match pace with your silent or more sedate partner. I don’t think it’s changing. It’s just being the way you are after a little comfort has set in between couples. You have to be magnanimous in understanding the other person. Give a little space and liberty. At the same time allow yourself to blend in the ‘reserved and calm’ timetable of the other person. Do it consciously. After taking initiative and making days of effort get into a frank discussion with your partner that you would appreciate his/her involvement in things that make you happy and see how it can be worked. It is not about changing but about getting involved.In either case first accept the partner with his basic nature. Hope your love stays strong.

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