Being Jobless and Still Keeping the Dignity

What if a married man loses his job? Do we still respect him? Can we let him live with his dignity?

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Swati Mehra
August 17, 2017


  1. True. This is a field of oppression, discrimination which no one talks about. While a woman is easily accepted as a house maker, a man is mocked at.

  2. i dont think a jobless married man will have any dignity left.He will be castrated mentally emotinally physically by his family and friends.Even the most understanding wife will stop being understanding once the pay check stops coming in.His every action will be anylysed under a microscope and he will be termed a loser or suffering from depression or just incapable thats why he lost his job.

  3. Nope…he will face a lot of slack..unless the wife gets a job and he takes care of home stuff.

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