Body Shaming

Do you face body shaming in your marriage? Do you take it as good advice or it breaks your confidence?

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Debolina Coomar
September 7, 2017


  1. Yes and it is sad that in our society the concern for maintaining body weight is always in one way or the other connected to marriage and for only girls. Thirty five years back my then would be mother-in-law found me too ‘kamzor’ to produce a baby and almost rejected me till I proved her wrong within two years of our marriage. It’s so sad the zero figure came in vogue much later ??
    My weight has never wavered my confidence but as I’ve graduated from 83 to 140 pounds, my health is a big concern. I welcome right diet and exercise tips.

  2. Good Question. My spouse has her favourite topic and scolds me for my weight.

    After many years of rough talk I understood that it’s her insecurity and thought of losing her husband and financial insecurity.

  3. Most women have difficulty managing their weight. Its bad enough that we are constantly bombarded by the media with images of these fabulous women with their perfect body and hair and skin.
    If we have to constantly worry about our weight in order to please our husbands then its going to lower our confidence in ourselves.
    Probably the only solution is to have a realistic expectation of what ones weight level can be acheived.
    Surround yourself with friends and family who are positive about you.
    Demand respect from the spouse and dont take kindly to criticism about your weight.

  4. Well, this question stuck a sad chord for me! I faced body shaming and actually the opposite notion of the popular one (where in general assumption is that mostly people on the heavier side of the balance are mocked, well I am thin).
    I did not face it from my spouse but a relative from his side.
    He could not help but “compliment” me for my “slim physique” and “sexy body’ every time anyone mentioned my name! He would do it publicly and cross all lines in lieu of complimenting. I had to give it back to him and How! I don’t think he has realized even now that he is not supposed to comment on the “cut of my body” (as he calls it). He still won’t stop! It is humiliating and annoying at the same time.
    What’s worse? My husband won’t say much on this coz this man is his elder sister’s husband! Body shaming in any which way SUCKS!

  5. Well, it really depends on how it is conveyed….don’t you think? Words can demotivate or inspire. But I do feel if we are not fit our partners should be able to tell us get our asses moving!

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