Break up over phone – Yes or a Big NO?

Does phonecall/text break up a good idea?

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July 13, 2017


  1. YEs, why not. If you are sure of the reasons why you want a break up, and you are legit, then why to again give a chance to the other person to make you weak and meet up?

  2. reminds me of how I met your mother episode where dude leaves the message on an answering machine, imagine yourself in the spot; with all friends and family around getting "sorry but let us call it a day." *p**p*People do it but then I woudn't want to do anything like that. I rather take it on chin no matter how depressed I get post I get a closing on a relationship. *p**p*Yes or No! *p**p*I will take it as it comes. *p*

  3. I have broken up over the phone. We had been arguing for months and finally during one such argument I realised I couldn't take it anymore and broke up. It's not ideal but then neither are breakups. Though if it can be avoided then I'd say it's better in person*p*

  4. Big no to be honest. You should never propose nor break up over phone. It is absolutely childish. A relationship is built by two people and it should not end like that. A proper face to face stand off is important. A relationship should deserve at least this much respect. *p*

  5. Depends on the situation.*p**p*But if your partner is not a psycho or a stalker, its appreciated to end it in person as it brings closure to both the parties. However if you feel you might not be safe, do it on the phone. *p**p* *p**p*There is no hard rule for breaking up. I have seen people who did not break up officially, but their silence drifted them away from each other and they realised that they were not together anymore. It was both sad and beautiful !*p*

  6. How does it even matter? If you're in a long-distance relationship and want to break up then there's no point of traveling all the distance just to break someone's heart. A heartbreak is a heartbreak anyway. No matter you do it over the phone or in person. *p*