Break up signs

Just as men find women complex, men can give out complicated signals as well. In the dating 'game' what are the signs that the guy is over a girl and wants to break up? 

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Aditi Bose
July 13, 2017


  1. Do they really open up and say? I've heard of a huge number of cases where a coded game was on.*p*

  2. Dont' want to generalise the situation, but in most of the cases I found that the guy would try to open up and tell his situation followed by avoiding conversations and slowly showing his lack of interest in the relationship. I dont' believe in any case, men and women differ much in expressing their emotions*p*

  3. But what is first priority? When he is always making plans to be with me and asking how may day was? Or when he is also comfortable enough to discuss his work, the pending bills which are screwing his mind etc? *p*

  4. Yeah, I take this point here for once. If it happening everytime, then you can take it is as a sign :)*p*

  5. We are talking about the dating game, here you will the be  first priority than bills, provisions, laundries, kids, work etc. You are going to be his world later, and if it doesn't excite him, he should be a boring guy or serious thinker. If he is not so, he is not happy with you.*p*

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