Can a man and a woman remain friends even after marriage?

I want to ask the ladies and gentlemen on this forum if they have been close to a particular friend of the opposite sex before marriage and whether they have managed to maintain the same strong friendship even after they got married or has the intensity dwindled with time?

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June 7, 2017


  1. The intensity has dropped down because I am lost in the responsibilities marriage brought in and also priorities changed. But not that it has anything to do with the husband having any issue!

  2. Depends. If you have secrets, hidden desires that you don't feel comfortable to share with your spouse, are scared of being judged, keep up appearances, friendship is not possible. *p**p*Maya Khandelwal *p*

  3. It all depends on the intensity and the kind of friendship one shared. It would be very difficult to offer a generalised comment.