Can friction over money break a couple despite love?

Money is never an easy subject to address, especially in a romantic relationship. If it’s a live-in then it’s even worse. But friction does happen over managing money, deciding whether an expense is a necessity or a luxury, if both partners should be equal contributors, if the one who is contributing more should have a greater say in matters of money? Questions are too many. But the biggest one of them is: can it break a couple, in spite of them being in love otherwise? What do you think?

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Soumyarka gupta
June 7, 2017


  1. Yea it can. But that depends on the way money issues are handled. Maybe have a pool, in which each contribute what they can. Then it is shared money. As for necessity or luxury. Maybe each can have their way alternatively every few months and keep themselves and the other in check. *p*

  2. Money is an energy that can be created or conserved. Attaining comfort with the resultant of the energy called money is more important.

  3. In my personal experience I have seen friction over any issue can break a couple despite love if both parties are not willing to communicate freely and address the issue rationally. Sometimes one party may behave stubbornly and that makes matters worse. Money is one of the most important and sensitive issues in a relationship. I feel without a regular and rational communication it may blow out of proportion and burn every bridge. About the power equation it’s sad but it’s the truth, at least in India, the more money a partner contributes the more say he/she has about money management. Ideally it should be a joint decision.

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