Can having an affair at work, totally harmless, be called cheating?

I am happily in love with my man, no complaints whatsoever, just a few basic fights. But there’s this cute guy at work I couldn’t stop myself from literally ogling at. I would steal glances at him everyday, would find several ways to walk up to his desk and start small discussions. Turns out later that he has a crush on me too. And that’s where this harmless, non committed work affair started. He knows about the man in my life and doesn’t have a problem. But having an affair at work makes me happier and makes work seem less dull. Is this cheating, “I’m really confused!

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Sreetama Basu
June 7, 2017


  1. Friendship is any day better than 'harmless cheating.' Cheating would make you addicted in a way, to that person's hold over your life. Why torture yourself ? Relations of dignity are most satisfying. This too will wear off. Such attachments wear out cause the thrill gets diluted day by day. Find good friends. Relationships don't have set rules but your radar should be on as soon as the word 'cheating' pops up in your mind whether harmless or harmful. There is nothing known as selective cheating. I am sure you are previous and deserve full happiness that doesn't come in templates of cheating.*p*

  2. help me answer, what is harmful cheating and harmless cheating? momentary, temporary highs and happiness are never healthy in life. it might give us a big boost to our adrenaline but the aftermath..not good for ourself. destroys us and others associated with us in the long run. its like riding high on drugs. u take it once, you want to take it you the best feeling while u are at it.looks harmless, its not though. makes it extremely dangerous to assess when to stop and most of the times, it starts controlling you rather than you taking control of it. remember how Dr. Otto octavious became Doc. Ock in spiderman!!the solution to making work seem less dull and more lively isnt "Your Harmless Affair" I am afraid!! *p*

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