Can long distance relationships work?

Can long distance relationships work?

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Swati Mehra
June 7, 2017


  1. lond distance relationships can work. they have worked until now and shall continue to do so in the future too. however it is mainly dependent on the parties involoved. you dont get to hang out together, see each other, have any kind of physical intimacy with your loved one. these actions have taken so much priority over feeling and emotions in today's times, that their absence could test a relationship to any extent.*p*

  2. I have always said this. A long distance relationship works if it is meant to. Depends on the people involved in the relationship and the circumstances. Although its hard but success stories are abound too. I think it can survive if the passion is unshakeable but then it all comes down to living it real time. You never know what are the possibilities until you experience it.*p*

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