Can one be friends with an old flame?

Do you think it is possible for ex-lovers to remain friends? What is your equation with your ex? If you are still in touch, how does your partner/spouse feel about it?

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Shuchi Kalra
June 7, 2017


  1. Nope. The history will come and bite tour current in the ass! And mess up your relationship too! Never! *p*

  2. Fortunately or unfortunately I never had an ex. But I have close friends who broke up with their exes, got married to someone else, and are now friends with their ex-lovers. And I have found them maintaining real healthy friendship with each other. Yes they do feel jealous seeing their ex happy with the present spouse, but that really doesn't hamper any of the present relationships.*p*

  3. Only if he is castrated ??  Sometimes I wonder with gf you can have ugly fights back biting demolishing their reputation but at some point you do get back together. But with an ex flame it is first anger then hurt then anger again and you wish you never set eyes on him ever again *p*

  4. It's probably the most impossible and the toughest thing to do. That's because falling out of love is way too tough than falling into love. Your ex will keep reminding you of every moment you've shared. Very few people get over it. And, I think if you get over after being friends with your ex then your love was really shallow. And, you can forget everything and act like a person who stopped loving the other person altogether.*p*

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