Can one have sex without emotion?

Are you the type that is keen for everlasting love but can betray your dream and have mindless sex that is just a means to physical gratification while you search for love?

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Naufal Khan
June 7, 2017


  1. Yes! In fact most sex in marriage which is 10 years old or more, mostly is sex without emotions. It is about coming…and not passion. Passion can be there only with a new partner…

  2. Personally I cannnot. I believe in emotional connection before resorting to mindless sex. Sex without emotional attachment is merely a mechanical process and I am not a supporter of the same. *p*

  3. Well, it is not entirely implausible. One can be particularly drawn to sex without emotion when going through certain personal upheavals, stuck in non-gratifying relationships or grieving the loss of someone special. Sex can seem like the perfect escape from the dark realities of one’s mind in such situations.

  4. Sex and love are different. Sex is amazing when you are in love, but it can also be amazing when you are with the right person; whether you met them 5 minutes ago or have known them for 5 years. You aren't betraying any dream by having sex. If you are an adult and consent with another adult to enjoy yourself then you haven't done anything wrong. Love is great, but one shouldn't put so much pressure on oneself to "find" it. Enjoy the moment, live your life day by day!*p*

  5. To be honest, I think sex and love are two different things. I love my partner, and I need her support and care in my life. But often I have felt strong attraction and passion for other girls and once or twice I have succumbed to it. I have been honest to my partner. We are having an open relationship.

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