Can sex life be enhanced

Is it true that sex life of couple be enhanced just by watching porn Vedios.

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Rachana Chakraborty
August 5, 2017


  1. But Malini about 90% of Indian women in arranged always agrees that they were turned to see porn to enhance their sex life.Though they follow all the gymnastics or not but they always have prolonged their sex life.

  2. NO.. Lol..
    Having said that, but, but, It depends on what the couple is looking for out of sex,, if enhancer means , better in bed as a perfomer, maybe, but as a couple, a definate no.. many i know, especially women maybe repulsed. Many may not find, Intimacy and security, many may not find the positions and acrobatics shown in porn arousing at all.. I don’t see how it can enhance sex life…

  3. Really…I thought that it is applicable to all the couples who are in arranged marriage. But Divyansh somehow i agree with your view point of looking at every angle

  4. I don’t think that can be generalised for all couples. If both partners enjoy porn then they can perhaps enjoy it together. Otherwise it may be an obstruction to good sex life, not an enhancer.

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