Can two negatives make a positive?

Is it possible for two depressed souls to find a lasting relationship with each other? What are the possibilities that two people, who have been shattered in love, find a meaningful relationship between them, when their world seems to be ending?

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Ranjana Kamo
June 7, 2017


  1. Very true. One needs to give time for the past wounds to heal. There can be a situation when two people who are shattered find solace in the new relationship but once healed, they may find the same irrelevant and claustrophobic, in my opinion.*p*

  2. Love heals the wounds but when you have been deceived once, it may not be easy to find the trust in someone immediately. It is a complex situation but yes, time finds a way to help but then the two individuals will need to be willing to build the relationship.*p*

  3. They surely can. You never know what clicks when. Two depressed souls with their own heartbreaking stories may connect in the best possible way. The most important advantage of it is that they will be able to relate to the pain and the pleasures of a broken relationship. Their stories may help each other connect more easily and effectively. So I do think that two negatives can form a positive.*p*

  4. For someone to love each other, they need to accept each other's imperfections. It can be the other person's depression, the imperfections, the shortcomings, the baggage, everything. Until and unless we accept them the way they are, we can't love them.That's how you find a meaningful relationship out of meaningless bond.*p*

  5. Most people need time to recover from a break up.  Dont enter another relationship just to fill a gap in your life. *p**p*Relationships can be stressful sometimes and even more so if your ability to cope with stress is low. *p*

  6. Strongly, fully second this answer. Very well thought and said.*p*

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