Can we accuse digital-world to be one of the causes of increased divorce cases in modern society??

With all the positivism of the digital world which helps us to acquire knowledge about anything anywhere within seconds of ‘SEARCH’, can this same digi-world be accused to have a role somewhere whose addiction has created separation among the spouse led to increased anxiety of being betrayed and played an important role in one of the many causes of divorce?

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Joyeeta Talukdar
June 7, 2017


  1. If a marriage cannot stand the test of truth, digital media or not it will be a case in question anyway.

  2. People have grown apart emotionally, yes. The reason, mostly is the television set or the internet. We are hardly having real conversations, we are less having a living, and more existing. The solution can be striking a balance. Digitization be used at work, and let all the love be saved for the home. *p*

  3. While divorce statistics may just be a number to an onlooker, the individuals going through it are the ones who feel the pain. Blaming the digital evolution contributing to a divorce is putting it rather simplistically. Unless there is some fundamental difference partners which leads to an irreversible situation, am certain no one opts to part. The roving eye syndrome also sets in , in my opinion, when there already is a problem that exists.

  4. yes, Internet addiction could be a cause of growing distance between couples, not just because of the decrease in quality time spent together but because the online world opens one up to a multitude of opportunities as far as relationships are concerned. This is probably why extramarital relationships are so commonplace these days that they almost seem normal.

  5. Very true SinjiniSengupta but still the question is ,Can increase to excess access to digital media creating distance among the partners which have resulted in the growth of disbelief among them which might somewhere end up in separation?

  6. Agreed SuparnaaChadda , every aspect of divorce is always painful for both partners . But still the question arises isn’t the increase in roving eyes of anxiety might be somewhere related to the increase in the exposure to the digital world.

  7. Very much agreed, an obsession too flirty with a new world of imagination in front…this world see,s to be much better than the real world and everything seems so true thatz it becomes hard to signify between real & unreal

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