Can we get both love and companionship at a time?

So, we believe that when we are in love with a person – we have got everything, yes it is true but there is a fine line between getting love and enduring companionship. What do you think??/

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December 4, 2017


  1. I agree, with you Ajith, Love is blind, and if we get love and companionship in the same person then nothing’s better than this, But due to the unadulterated trust which we have in love at times, we could not get the real companionship due to lack of expectations. Ideally yes, when there is love there has to be companionship 🙂

  2. In my understanding, the more the relationship veers to companionship, the less passionate it becomes.

    I don’t know why that happens, maybe the comfort kills the edginess and thus hits the passion front too.

  3. According to me when love is there companionship follows (the word enduring is changed to enjoying ) because there is no logic in love .Love is blind