Can you actually find the love of your life through online dating?

When my friend told me she likes a guy she met on a dating site, I didn’t think about it much. But seeing her get serious about the guy, it got me worried. I never took online dating as a real thing. As in, its okay for hooking up and fooling around. But I never thought you could land up meeting the person of your dreams via online dating. Should I look out for her?

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Sreetama Basu
June 7, 2017

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  1. The probably is very less but yeah she might have found a guy who's actually genuine. Most people carry a fake identity in this in this web world just to get laid and fool around but few people are really genuine and end up meeting their soulmate online. Rare but true. But, you can still be a little cautious until you're absolutely sure about the guy.*p*

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