Can you love someone more than yourself?

I have often come across this expression, that “I love her/ him more than myself” or “I love her/ him more than my life”. Do you feel it’s a reality or is it just an exaggeration?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Yes, possible. I’ve seen and felt my Maa love me selflessly and many many notches more than she loved herself. I’ve felt it. When I see the relationship my son and I share, I know for sure that there are multiple instances when I’ve put myself first. I don’t see any harm in either. It’s only a win-win situation on both counts – one for the person being loved more and one for yourself.

  2. When you say you love a person more than yourself what you really mean is that you are willing to sacrifice anything for the other's betterment. The only difference being some may mean it and some may say it for the sake of convenience. It takes years to build a relationship like that where a couple becomes each other's habit. Maybe a bond of more than 10 years can bring such confidence. *p**p*Not only lovers, this phrase can more fittingly describe the bond between parents and thier children. But in case of couples I think it takes a lot of time and effort to reach to that conclusion.*p*

  3. One surely can love someone more than oneself….you just have to so completely, entirely be in love to understand this….and when you are in such a relationship, you think only about the other and not about yourself….it’s easy….it’s simple…and it’s complete….*p*

  4. It is difficult to assess the boundary where passion and ego cease and blend into the horizons of selfless love. Often, romantic or conjugal relations are overwhelmed with the expectations and behaviours. Selfless love, when it exists, can’t differentiate between the love of a mother and a child or that between the lovers. Radha and Krishna are the mythical gold standards of selfless love. *p*Loving someone more than oneself, or rather, I May say that caring for someone more ha? oneself, is possible to be found in conjugal / romantic relations, but with time, rarity of such relations is on the rise.

  5. You just have to be really in a life threatening situation to know otherwise :)*p*But I like your passion and commitment! Keep it up!!