Can you trust a married man who has cheated in the past?

Can he mend his ways at all? Why does a man who has been married, and that too love marriage, need to cheat at all? But once caught and promised to mend his ways, do you think that is possible ever?

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Sreetama Basu
June 7, 2017


  1. Once bitten twice shy. I think once trust has been broken it is difficult to mend it. Its like a crack that has appeared on a mirror thats always going to remain no matter how hard you try to mend it. Though the couple decides to put the past behind and move ahead in life, I think its difficult to completely erase the thought of betrayal that one suffered*p*

  2. I think its possible for him to change but the problem lies in the acceptance. The relation between the wife and the husband will never be the same. The wife can never see the husband in a way she used to see him before the affair. So, I think once the husband cheats there is no way back. At least the emotional connection between the wife and the husband is lost permanently.*p*

  3. It is possible. A man learns from the mistakes which he makes willingly or unwillingly. If he resents his past and wants to build a better future then he should be given a chance to do that. "To err is human, to forgive is divine."*p*

  4. He can be trusted, but he most probably won't be trusted.. Once broken, it is very hard to regain the confidence.. Should wait. But it is possible. That is the silver lining. The power of forgiveness.*p*

  5. Never, once you have tasted blood you yearn for it. But maybe this time he will cover his tracks well*p*

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