Can’t help feeling jealous

There are these two men I feel jealous about, the way my wife chats with them in parties. I know nothing more will happen, it’s just party fun, but still can’t help watching out for where she is when they are in the same party. Help please.

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June 7, 2017


  1. Let your feelings out before your wife. The more you let this pent up anger and frustration build up, the worse the situation will get. Trust me, let your wife know how you feel about this whole thing. It will help.

  2. Hi modernromeo! As a therapist, I can tell you that jealousy is good! Especially since you’re rationally aware that “it’s just party fun”! This just goes to show that you still crave your wife’s attention and it matters to you if she’s engaged elsewhere which is a good thing in a marital relationship – keeps the spark alive you know! And as long as you don’t let this frisson of jealousy turn into a control tactic, this little bit of possessiveness is going to make you more appealing to your wife, trust me! Stay happy and stay in love – all the best!

  3. You should not be jealous at all. They might be very good friends and that’s it. When you are in a party, go with your wife and have a light chat with those friends too, then you can sneak out. Be around your wife and she will be there for you. What looks like in this case, she is just having a good time with her old friends.

  4. Have an open discussion with your wife. Sometimes just speaking up your mind but in a cool way helps to get the solution of the problem troubling you. Or else it will worsen the feeling of insecurity within you and make you more jealous. And if you think it’s just party fun and you believe your wife then leave this for you too might have some women friends in the parties from whom your wife might be jealous. Regards

  5. Jealousy arises when there is a feeling of insecurity in your relationship with your wife. Does she find him better than me? Does she think of me lesser of him? Will she leave me for him? Unless these thoughts are addressed and resolved once and for all, not just these two, there will be more and more of such people, infact most eligible men that your wife interacts with, that you will be jealous of. Deal with it now, talk it out with your wife, before it becomes a major suffering for both of you.

  6. If she loves and respects you, she will appreciate your candidness and the effort you had to take to express these innermost and vulnerable feelings to her. If you feel that there is a likelihood that she might use this to hurt you in the future, you have to really reassess this relationship.

  7. Is it only with these two men? If so, try and sew why you feel that only about them. If it is the general case, then also you need to introspect. Either way, a healthy discussion with your wife is called for.

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