Career or relationship?

One needs to devote a lot of time to the career at the beginning and this leaves very less time to concentrate on the relationship. So, should one take a break from the relationship?

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Amandeep Kaur
August 1, 2017


  1. Few may be more challenging but no career takes all the 24 hours in a day. There is always room for quality time together. There are ways and means to have a balanced work-life. Experience as a life coach, has taught me that some very intelligent couples to not follow the basic of maintaining a healthy work-life. People need to learn.

  2. What happens when you finally decide to go ahead with a relationship, get married, have children? Even those are time consuming. Will you take a break from work? I am guessing not. It is best then to learn to balance both

  3. Is the relationship really demanding that much time? If you are with someone who understands your ambition and dreams, then I don’t think a break is necessary. You can work around, maybe just meet over the weekend etc. But that depends on how much compromise both are willing to make.

  4. Yes career is important and takes up a lot of time. But professional life will always be demanding, even as one goes up the ladder with increasing responsibilities. So we need to draw a work life balance and find the time to have a relationship if one wants that

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