Challenges every couple faces in the first year of marriage

Marrying someone may be your fondest wish come true but you can never be prepared for what comes next – the first year of living with someone. You may have loved the person forever or even known them from before, but sharing a house is a completely different ball game. Do you agree?

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Runa Mukherjee
June 7, 2017


  1. It is! But with that comes the many quirks and awesome discoveries you make about someone. Depends on which one chooses to concentrate on. When my wife and I married after a few years of dating, I was excited to get to know her more. Don't go in with crazy expectations and keep communication open. Sometimes, just because we live with someone we may take their presence and time for granted, which may not be the case. *p*

  2. Absolutely. I married my best friend of 10 years, whom I was dating for 3 years before tying the knot, but when we started living together, I was in for a lot of surprises. It was like I didn’t know him at all, and I’m sure that feeling was mutual. But loves has a way of helping you work around whatever challenges marriage throws at you.

  3. Yes, even though these two communities reside side by side, there is a world of difference between them. Must have been very tough to swim through the changes. But you emerged wiser from your second year, right!

  4. The major challenge in the 1st year that i personally faced was adjusting in a completely different culture. From being brought up in a Gujarati family to accepting the marwadi culture was a big change. And also I experienced that major fights happen in the 1st year of marriage as both the partners have to accept a lot of change in the lifestyle, from understanding the nature to making someone a part of your life in such a way that everything you do has a consequence on them as well. So its just not about what you want to do but also what is expected from you and how your actions have consequences on ur partner and his family.

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