Changes after break up

My boyfriend of five years broke up after I caught him cheating on me. I was left devastated and am still trying to pick up the pieces even though it has been over a year. I don't think I'll ever be able to trust someone enough to date them. I am now in my early thirties and i feel this bad breakup has changed me forever for the worse. I want to continue my life as he moved? on a while ago. But I don't know how to do it. 

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June 7, 2017


  1. Accept what has happened has happened it cannot be changed and that it's not your fault.*p**p*If you keep remembering the past you will be clinged to those memories forever. Look forward to something interesting in your daily life.*p**p*Maybe adopt a pet – increase involvement in your career or personal growth. I can say that because I faced breakup in a long relationship but didn't let it affect me.*p*

  2. I don't think I believe in romantic love anymore! Just full of empty promises. But I hope I can move on someday*p*

  3. I try to not remember but almost everything I do reminds me of our time together and the future he promised me.*p*

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I hope so but I don't think i will be able to trust anyone ever again.*p*

  5. Nothing in this life is constant. Why just boyfriends, we have break ups with so many others, yet we have to move on, For that is what our Sanskrit sloka speaks on: Charaibeti… Life must go on. And one relationship cannot have the power or rather should not have the power to let you down. You as a human being is much bigger than the failures of a relationship. And not all men are same. I myself have faced this many times. If some are uttterly selfish and is out there to emotionally exploit you, there are still some who will stand by you in thick and thin. You never know, you might be lucky enough to meet such a human later in life. So keep a look out and do not stop.*p*

  6. I can understand how sad you must be feeling right now. But right now its important to grieve for a dead relationship and try to let your feelings out of your system. While you are in your sad phase talk to your family and friends. It will help you come to terms with what happened. Dont bottle up your sorrow. *p**p*If you can, try to evaluate what exactly happened with the relationship. Were you too accommodating? Were you too demanding? *p**p*Try to evaluate what was right in the relationship for you. *p**p*In the end you are your own independent person. You have your own place and identity in the world. Nobody can pull you down. *p*

  7. I feel so bad that you can't get over a serial cheater. Believe me he will cheat on his new gf and then the next one. *p**p*You have Gods hand on you that you caught him before your relationship got any legality. *p**p*Join groups don't be alone and I am sure someone is there waiting for you to come in your life. Enjoy your work your friends and your family. And don't mull over it all the*p**p*time. There r such wonderful things in the world books music sunshine sunsets rains flowers the smell of rain. Enjoy yourself and hoping to see your post soon that you have found someone who will never break your trust*p*

  8. It is always hard to get back after a break up. I would advise you to start loving yourself and stop thinking that falling in love with a "person" is absolutely vital for now. Just concentrate on yourself and start exploring the hidden desires in you. Do the things you love the most. Travel, meet new people,  make friends. Do not have to trust people. Just concentrate on your wants for the time being. The moment you feel confident about yourself is the time you will start loving and trusting again. All the best.*p*

  9. It's not impossible you know. People move over breakups. No matter how hard it hits them. And you need another partner who can help you to get over it. Don't worry and don't keep pondering over whatever has happened. You need a happy life for yourself just like your ex is having. *p*