Changes after break up

My boyfriend of five years broke up after I caught him cheating on me. I was left devastated and am still trying to pick up the pieces even though it has been over a year. I don't think I'll ever be able to trust someone enough to date them. I am now in my early thirties and i feel this bad breakup has changed me forever for the worse. I want to continue my life as he moved? on a while ago. But I don't know how to do it. 

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June 7, 2017


  1. If it is 5 years, it is time you got someone in your life. Have you dated even one person in this time? *p*

  2. hi….Anonymous?? why?*p**p*First things first…ITS HAPPENED ! IT'S DONE!! HE'S GONE! (which is so good …caz u now have the power to JUST BE YOU!)*p**p*Begin first with not never helps…talk talk n talk about your pain…let it out of your system..and in the process empower  those around you to be careful for the signs you ignored! *p**p*Yes trust is a big issue to handle….loss another …jealousy another one(others have what you don't or once had) Look you can hide or come out in the open and fix what ever caused this to happen …sometimes we take our relationships for granted..we think the person we are with will remain forever with us…its not so..we too love the dress on another person don't we? and seceretly desire to have it and find  a way to get it! look at the lost relation with an absolute detachment.. he's the dress you didn't get….only then and then alone can you get normalcy back into your are a good soul you were true to your commitment..that's your strength…build on this strength further..let others in your immediate environment experience this part of further on building a new on your weaknesses..empower yourself further.find a cause that needs you and your commitment …no need to cry over people who were meant to be in your circle of life for a limited time…He has left he has taught you that you should trust not immediately..he has taught you to not take your blessings for granted…he has taught you that you need to work on YOU! *p**p*Thank him…don't cry! Don't regret! *p**p*People are envious of those who are single and have the freedom to do much more than them…Bask in that space for a while…become stronger..and when you feel you are ready to move into a relationship walk into it without fear with lessons learnt from the past.*p**p*LOVE WILL HAPPEN …TRUST WILL BE REGAINED! you are too young to think otherwise…JUST WORK ON YOU! *p*

  3. First things first – when a relationship ends, the most important thing is to get rid of all the baggages. If it brings bad memories, delete them, get rid of the things that remind you of the past. Memories of past will not let you move on in life.*p**p*And also tell yourself one sour grape doesn't mean all grapes are sour. One bad experience should not kill what you could explore in the future.*p**p*You should certainly take your lessons and don't let people use your vulnerablilities.*p**p* *p*