Cheating spouse is blaming me

After I caught my husband cheating on me, all hell broke loose. Now that our marriage is almost over he says he blames me for pushing him there. That I grew so distant and cold, he had no option but to find solace in someone else. I understand there were problems in our marriage before and I was stressed over a lot of things happening in my life. But at what point is it justified for him to do that?

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July 13, 2017


  1. Ur husband is wrong. Even u had problems ….. Suppose if u had an affair, will he forgive???. U too can cite the same reasons….If I were in ur place definitely I would think of divorce but …wont recommend it to u.  If u want 2 save ur marriage..sit with him and talk and both of u should go and consult a good marriage councellor NB: councellor itself… not an family member*p*

  2. Ek to chori, upar se seenazori.. sorry to get so colloquial, but this seemed fit to me in this situation. *p**p*Firstly he cheats then has the guts to say, it's you.. but it's very common for couples to play the blame game instead of taking responsibility. *p**p*So if you want to continue as someone here said, both need to sit down and take responsibility for their actions, more so for him… but if u think otherwise then, moving ahead is an option.. *p*

  3. Its bad enough that he cheated on you but blaming you for it is like a double blow.*p**p*It was he who made the choice and did the actions which he knew were wrong.*p**p*He is probably blaming you because he is too weak to accept his fault.*p**p*If you still want the marriage to survive you will have to sit down and have a long discussion with him.*p**p*Be prepared to hear from him what exactly he needs from you that you are not giving him and he is getting from the other woman.*p**p*He has to take 100% responsibility for his actions.*p**p*You have to both talk of how to go ahead harmoniously in the future.*p**p*This is a very difficult process with many a slip inbetween.*p**p*Give it a try as long as possible but if your interactions are only toxic then let it go.*p*

  4. This is totally wrong! And do not take the blame please! people go to other people because they want to. But coming from the way human being think this probably is the defense mechanism. But do not buy into this! *p**p*as for the problems in marriage evryone has them! *p*

  5. i will ratger advise you to get a divorce and if you think you need evidences from his devices…try hacknspytech atgmaildotcom*p**p*PEACE*p*

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