Children of Broken Marriages

In a divorce or a separation, children suffer the most. I have seen some marriages where none of the parents wanted the custody of their children and wanted to give away the children for either adoption or to an orphanage. This shook me up. Has anyone got similar stories to share?

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Ranjana Kamo
July 13, 2017


  1. I know one instance where one of my family members divorced her husband and went to live with some other guy. She literally abandoned her family for another guy's money. But the father took all the responsibility of both the daughter and the son and singlehandedly brought them up. I felt necessary to share this story so that people get to know that something like this is also happening in our society. *p*

  2. I think children suffer more in an unhappy marriage than in divorce. Yes the process is painfuk but once all is over with, they can at least live in peaceful homes instead of fighting, abuse etc. I have friends from divorced families and they are strong happy people, who have their lessons and stories, as with any other sad experience in life. As far as no one wanting the kids, that is indeed horrible. I don't know anyone like that. But being unwanted in one of the most painful things for a child*p*

  3. A child from a broken marriage is an orphan. I have seen very few successes in children of broken marriages mostly if their grandparents look after them as parents. In most other cases they suffer.It is a crude truth you stated.*p*

  4. Yes , I know such a couple. Their daughter was given to S.O.S village. The daughter has come out as good for nothing. I can't blame the girl . She is married now and living a horrible life. I don't know why they brought the girl to this world. *p*

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