Close and happy human relationships provide protection against stress. Thus, love, in its various forms, makes the best health insurance! What do you think?

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Raksha Bharadia
June 7, 2017


  1. Exactly! It's the unconditional love which we need from our loved ones to withstand every ordeal coming in our ways. Love help us to think freely, breath freely and believe freely in everything. During the time of troubles, it's our spouse's support which helps us to go through everything with a smile on our face. :)*p*

  2. If the person we are close to is also close to us, it's ideal! But why let others state of mind affect yours? First let the relationship within ourselves be happy. The other relationships will follow suit :)*p*

  3. Absolutely true! Being in a close and happy relationship is indicative of your state of body, mind and spirit. It's only when these are in a state of balance and harmony, can you succeed in any pleasant relationship. So if you are happy in a relationship, you will feel energetic, enthusiastic and rarely fall ill! Do we need any more incentive? 🙂 *p*

  4. Can't help but agree! A true and loving relationship is the the best health insurnce- am sure they can conduct medical tests to prove that too! ;)*p*

  5. Absolutely…..close loving relationships give a sense of wellbeing and confidence. They make us feel secure and content and thereby help us perform better in all spheres of life.

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