Common relationship problems like lack of compatibility, less understanding for each other often lead to bigger ones. How to deal with them esp when the partner is hot headed?

Common relationship problems like lack of compatibility, less understanding for each other often lead to bigger ones. How to deal with them?

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Surabhi Pandey
June 7, 2017


  1. Behavioral traits develop during the formation years of life which lay the course of future. Compatibility issues either get resolved with years of togetherness only when nurtured with patience and understanding. It's a difficult proposition though. Either you hit off well or fall apart. There is no magical potion available to set things right.*p*

  2. Hmmm….lack of compatibility should be seen differently. Like one can give more space to the other. Amd focus on where the thought match. For instance I know a couple where they have found a common love of drinking…and they kid of build memories, or watching lovies together. Probab;y these are the only two things they enjoy together and then this may sound rude but not to take the other very seriously! *p*

  3. Lack of understanding can be fatal for a relationship. Most of the fights may result from this misunderstanding. But it is important that you keep calm during a fight because it may turn out to be nasty if both of you lose composure. Try to calm him down and show him reason. It is important that you play the endearing role at times and make him understand. *p*

  4. In a relationship what problem could be bigger than incompatibility or not understanding each other? A good worthwhile relationship can only evolve if there's both.And you want to deal with it because of it.It's going nowhere in the long run if both exist.A relationship needs to be nurtured and that can only happen if one or the other wants it to work so if there's no understanding or the will to understand each other it's only going to be going south.*p*

  5. Proper communication and pateince can help to some extent. But it will work only if both the partner wants to save the relationship without being judgemental for each other.*p*

  6. Okay, first things first, if your partner is hot headed then they need to deal with that issue individually and only then can you work further to build communication together.*p**p*Communication is key. If verbal agreeements cannot be met due to cranky partners (they need to stop projecting), however till then use external tools such as the written word or a therapist to sort out this issue. *p**p*Nevetheless, the long term truth is that if you can't have common understanding then you can't really have a fulfilling relationship. *p*

  7. When you partner is hot headed, you try to be cool. Always try to maintain good communication. Try to put your things across him and make sure he listens to you. We all are different individuals and our compatibility also differs. Work on yourself and build compatibility slowly.You can start developing the common interests and goals for blissful married life.*p*

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