Communication in marriage

I feel my wife and I have been drifting apart lately. Maybe it's just time but we don't talk as much as we used to. Any tips on communication in marriage?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Visit the very first place you went after marriage and try to recreate those memories. It always works. Start afresh from the place where you began.*p*

  2. Remember a good relationship is based on good communication. Always try to express your feelings to your wife. If you can't say it you can message her or anyways say it  because talking about anything or everything is very important. Your partner and you are a team so always keep talking about different things.Few tips on communication:*p**p*Try to understand your partners interest and talk about the things*p**p*You can talk what you feel about any topic.*p**p*Discuss about the things going around you, hope it helps*p*

  3. That's very poetic and filmi. Perhaps an extravagant gesture on my part will bring back communication in our marriage. Thanks!*p*

  4. Is there just lack of communication or also lack of sex. If so your marriage will always remain intact. You will be like two siblings living ur life under the same roof happy yet disconnected. *p**p*There is a wonderful idea  during monsoon stand far away but on the same road. The gust of wind will blow you towards each other in a tight clinch. There will be rains n romance and the lack of communication will be filled with the noise tip tip karta paani n paani me aag Lagi hai. *p*

  5. Couples need to have things between them to talk about them. Otherwise you run out of topics and everything to be known is known. My suggestion, come with with activities together. Remember how you always have something to talk about after a party? Or when there is a gossip? *p*

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