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Since art is inspired by life and vice-versa also is true.. This question is for people who watch House of Cards. In The fiction based series, The two main protagonists, Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood are shown to have a completely open and transperant relationship, so much so that, the first lady has sex with someone else, and the man is completely in confindence about it. He knows, infact, he says, "I cant give her what she wants and so she can……Claire is shown to have open relationships with different men at different times. Now currently it is Tom a writer who connects deeply with her, and the husband is ok with it, infact, yesterday there was a cringe worthy scene, where Frank, the husband comes and sits in the same room his wife and lover are sleeping, and he is totally ok about it..Is this normal… or is it too fiction like, is this great amount of transperancy a done thing today? On one hand i am in awe of Claire who is a totally empowered woman and knows what she wants, but on the other hand is this fragile woman who just wants to be desired.. People who are watching it… any insights!!!!?!?? 

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June 7, 2017


  1. It all depends on what a couple have to offer each other. Frank and Claire have a highly symbiotic relationship; romantic love and sex is a very small part of it. They are a Washington power couple and being together is very advantageous to them professionally and socially. This kind of relationship will not work for everyone. Also, there are many cracks in the relationship and there are many times that Claire has to give in to Frank's demands, because he is such a powerful, self-centred amd vindictive man. So I don't really think they are as comfortable with their relationship as they pretend to be.*p*

  2. Sorry I don't follow this series. However, I can assure you that there are couples(and families) out there who indulge in all sorts of deviations from the so called normal relationship and to the best of my knowledge are perfecty matter of fact about it.*p**p*I have a firm conviction that truth is always stranger then fiction. However, predominant societal mores and values prevent the truth from coming out in open.*p**p*Human psyche craves for new experience. What has been experienced soon loses novelty for the simple reason that we want more. This is valid for both material possessions as well as relationships. So one can either constantly reinvent their relationship with existing partner or look for a new partner to satisfy the craving for newness in life. As a consequence, there are more and more people out there who reject the social norms and create their own reality.*p*

  3. When I say fragile.. I felt though she's all of those, Ruth less etc etc.. she's also just a girl, asking a boy to love her.. lol*p**p*I mean, she s a woman like any other, who's deepest need is to feel that she is wanted, she is desired and that makes her vulnerable.. *p**p*I think Tom enters somewhere in the fourth season..*p**p*Absolutely bang on… Why am I watching this, where the main characters lack ethics… It's great writing isn't it.. and somewhere we as a society also see a reflection, where it's a mix of being ruthless and successful… Keeping Ur human side or facade on… Personally they r devils, when he killed Zoe so mercilessly… And ya, we r hooked. *p*

  4. I don't think it's a debate on right and wrong… It's perspective…*p**p*So u think .. open relations give rise to lies and lust… frankly I agree.. it's  twisted and scary but I read some where,  "don't hate something , you can't understand".. *p**p*Currently iam trying to see all angles and perspectives.*p**p* *p*