I am 22 and recently concluded that I am gay. So I found a boyfriend and things were going fine till he dumped me. I don't know how to get over the breakup. His behaviour is also making me question my sexuality and whether I want to be with men at all! Don't know what to do

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June 7, 2017


  1. You remind me a lot of my gay friend who felt the same way at 22 after he got dumped by his boyfriend. So he found a girl who was besotted with him and got married to her. They have two kids now but he is Psychologically stressed out to the max. He regrets his decision. And wishes he didnt marry her.*p**p* *p**p*I think the mature and important point to get here is that at 22 you still have your entire life ahead of you. I too have had messy break ups that devastated me.  But every break up teaches you to better yourself. Take time out for yourself. Have fun with friends. And most importantly understand that your worth as a human being is not dependent on finding someone. Ie you can still be happy single even if it is for a while.  I have no doubts you will find someone soon. *p**p* *p**p* *p**p* *p*

  2. the problem is you are in a hurry. I don't know about what but you are only 22. its common for people that young to have breakups and confusion about their sexuality. I think it's great that you know you are gay and its even more awesome that you are questioning yourself again. you don't have to rush into anything. give yourself some time. explore things. you have a whole life ahead to decide whether you like guys or girls or both. you don't have to do anything. just enjoy life. don't be so harsh on yourself. *p*

  3. You can't be gay or not gay because one person dumped you. there has to be something more, a very strong orientation. Also have you thought what if you are Bi?  *p*

  4. It's quite tough to discover your sexuality in the first place and you want to rediscover it just because of one failed relationship? I think you should give yourself some more time before jumping to a conclusion. You're too young right now. So tread lightly before you decide anything for you. *p*

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