Consent in Marriage

How important is consent on marriage? Or is Indian marriage all about being taken for granted?

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Pooja Priyamvada
August 28, 2017


  1. Consent is key. Vows during the wedding which is often not understood by anybody, and is often archaic, is not important as it is undertaken more as a ritual, like many other things. However, consent from and as mutually-respecting adults is important.

  2. Mr. Kalsi you are right consent in the Indian marriage remains a huge grey area and thus even the law doesn’t know how to handle it in case as serious as marital rape.

  3. There is a wonderful phrase you need to be aware of if you are not the assertive kind: taken for granted. In marriage, it is seen that consent rarely matters though this should not be so. When you raise your voice, or when you expect consent to play a decisive role, marriage does not remain what it should be in an ideal situation. Consent has rarely been accorded respect in marriages in India so the educated lot should come forward and make a positive change. We should not expect social reformers to be born in this century to eradicate all forms of evil.

  4. Dr. Trivedi Marriage is not blanket consent for exploitation or sex as and when by one partner.

  5. Unable to find the ‘edit comment’ option and therefore re-posting the comment :

    “There cannot be a marriage without consent. An arrangement without consent can be termed as ‘given away’ or ‘sold’.”

  6. There cannot be a marriage with consent. An arrangement without consent can be termed as ‘given away’ or ‘sold’.

  7. Abhijit its not being aware of the vows , its about consent, is consent a vow?

  8. Indian marriage, mostly Hindu marriage was all about the 7 vows. Nowadays persons involved are hardly made aware of that. Who cares? Two hoots to given consents when good many marriages end up in divorces.

  9. Yes Priyam thinking that marriages are forever sometimes we overstep boundaries of personal space and might encroach upon consent of the other.

  10. Consent is of course always important. But for most unfortunately marriage is a lifelong licence. That mentality definitely needs to change. Your spouse should be treated with utmost respect at all times.

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