Dates post marriage

Why don’t couples how any enthusiasm to plan Dates after marriage?

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Aman Singh
September 5, 2017


  1. Many couples do plan dates. You cannot generalize that couples don’t plan dates. But those who do, they are very few. That’s for sure. Dates are important post marriage to keep the spice alive in a marriage.

  2. May be responsibilities come up. May be they take each other for granted. A lot of things might happen. But they should go on dates, and often. They shouldn’t lose the fun side.

  3. That cannot be generalized. I feel it depends on how passionate & romantic a person is .
    Most people start taking their relationship for granted and lose the enthusiasm and passion that infused the beginning
    of the relationship.
    Love is like bread. It has to be made fresh daily and people become lazy after they get married.
    Sad no?

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