Dating multiple people

Before one commits to a monogamous relationship, how wise is it to date multiple people simultaneously? Sometimes it is possible to meet a few interesting people at the same time and one may need time to make a choice, and get to know them more. Is it necessary to share that one is keeping their options open and dating multiple people? How best to manage the time and make an informed choice?

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Ekta Banerjee
July 13, 2017


  1. If by choice you mean to say is having one night stands and not calling people back then it's nor really trying your options. I feel you can't keep meeting interesting people where all of them are nothing but your options. It's either one person or there's no one. *p*

  2. Hmmm. But sometimes telling them may turn some people away. Especially if they are only dating one person. *p*

  3. Hey! Good question, I have been thinking about the same thing myself.*p**p*I think it's wise to date people- of course, by that I mean only chatting often, or catching up over a meal or coffee just to know how well you gel with the person. And you don't have to tell people that you're dating multiple people. Just being cool, and not leading the other person onto believing that you want something serious is a way to make things work for you. That's how I feel. Would love to hear more opinions :-)*p*

  4. interesting question, i dont see anythign with exploring your options and making an informed decision. However, its best to let the people you are dating know that it is not exclusive out of respect for their time and efforts and in order to avoid any misundertanding and conflict. When the time comes, it will be easy to have the 'lets define this relationship' conversation with the right partner :)*p*

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