Dating someone going through divorce

A friend's boyfriend is going through an ugly divorce. She has been dating this guy who  was separated from his wife. He had tried to initiate divorce proceedings but she was not willing. Now she has returned in his life knowing that he is in a serious relationship and threatens to divorce him for being unfaithful and take all his money. My poor friend is caught in this drama. She really likes this guy and doesn't know if she should stick around in his time of need, or get out before it gets further complicated. Any suggestions?

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Priya Jindal
June 7, 2017


  1. If you love someone truly then you have to stick around. No matter what. There should be a way out of this. I know society looks down upon men like that but if he hasn't done anything wrong then he can go ahead and take this to court. If he's not a guilty then he shouldn't be afraid of any consequences. And, ask your friend to help him emotionally. That's all what he wants from her. *p*

  2. I guess it's important for her to know how much she cares for him. For now it seems that she really does and wants to stay by his side, but without causing him any trouble.*p*

  3. He wants a divorce but his estranged wife is looking at any means to make as much money as she can out of it. Perhaps my friend can stay as a friend careful to meet only in public so the wife does not find anything incriminating.*p*

  4. Extra marital affair is a strong ground for divorce and other relief.*p**p*Friendship or supporting someone in time of need cannot fall under the category of extra marital affair, so she can support carefully so that the lady can not allege about extra marital affairs.*p**p*Here there is no clarity why that guy was separated with his wife and why she came back after separation?? What the guy want to do now, divorce or continue with the marriage? If both partners are not willing then divorce proceeding is hectic and time consuming..*p**p*So, if the guy want to keep his marriage alive, it is better for your friend to move away..*p**p*If the guy want to go for divorce then try to do it with mutual understanding and your friend can support him carefully.*p*

  5. Of course, she will try for that..  And she will be able to get monthly around 25-40% of the income of that guy if she is of earning or till her remarriage.. Or they can settle by lumpsum amount once on the basis of property of that guy.*p**p*If the guy is serious about divorce then he should settle by paying that lady, there is no other way for smooth divorce unless there is any allegation against that lady..*p*

  6. I think she should stick around if she really loves him. She should have known that this would always be complicated. Leaving his side at this critical time would only mean that her love was never meant to stay. I think she should support him now as he needs it too.*p*

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