Dating – the evergreen enigma

So true. Dating is indeed the evergreen enigma. The concept of dating has become a mystery. One never knows what is going on in the other person’s mind. Well can I call it a fascination, rather a fad. People usually it is very cool to a have boyfriends and girlfriends and roam around in the world, especially the young generation. In previous times people used to date each other when they liked each other and wanted to b along for life long. It was known as the initiating move. And they used to b so light, interesting and also cute. But what see now is that dates are just formalities because all other things happens very quickly and that on phones by chats n calls and extended relationships in locked rooms. This clearly indicates that it not the person who is wanted but the loneliness to be fulfilled to stand out ‘cool’ in front of the crowd. Maybe this is one of the reasons why people like me are always confused and scared at times for dating somebody in spite of even liking the person.

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Nityanshi Mehta
December 1, 2017

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