Daughter in law

Why are DILs treated like a piece of trash in India,how to get rid of this problem

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Preeti Talwar
June 7, 2017


  1. It is up to your husband to lay down the rules about how you ought to be treated as the daughter in law by his side of the relatives. No injustice is acceptable ever.

  2. Wish it was that simple,a great idea but difficult to implement as husband is too tongue tied in the begining.

  3. It is important to raise both girls and boys with respect for the other gender. Not in a patronising way, that women are goddesses or men are providers; but in a grounded way. And talk to them about relationships. What to expect, what should not be tolerated. Such respect, inculcated from an early age, will eventually help remove prejudices and derogatory practices.

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