Dealing with a feeling of ‘feeling left out’ in a marriage. How does one counter that?A house

Many years of being married, children, parents, the regular grind – despite all this and more why does a feeling of 'feeling left out' creep into a marriage.

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Dipannita Ghosh Biswas
June 7, 2017


  1. Well, this has many layers. Are you comparing yourself to someone, hence this feeling of left out? Did you quit your job and career prospects for marriage and family? Are you feeling stifled in your present situation where your wishes go unfulfilled, where no one even bothers to find what you really wish for? *p**p*If any or all of these are happening then perhaps there will be a feeling of left out. *p**p*But if its bothering you extremely and making you upset then please share more so that we can help you feel free again. Cheer up, we are all ears. *p*

  2. You need to elaborate on when do you feel left out. Maybe people here can help you out then. And, I think it's just a mid-life crisis which steps into your life and resides till you get used to it. *p*

  3. Well, to all those who wrote in, I've read your replies out to my friend who needed to listen in. I won't say I see a change in her already but I must say, I saw that flicker of positivity sparkle in her eyes and I'm sure that's one step forward. Thank you so much.*p*

  4. Perhaps you feel that somewhere along the road your dreams got left behind. It's not too late. Don't ignore yourself and forget to live your life while trying to make everything perfect for those around you. Fulfill the dreams you have that can still be fulfilled before it is too late. Those who love you will understand that sometimes you need to put yourself first.*p*

  5. I'd suggest don't just be the giver, but also demand. From your husband, children and others. Women are taught to not consider their feelings and desires and only work for others. That can lead to one day realising that you have not done anything for yourself. It's never too late to start. Not that you need to become selfish, but do ensure that others realise your needs matter too and that you are neither left behind nor left out!*p*

  6. You get feeling of left out because your underlying sacrifice for kids,spouse or parents get unappreciated unrecognised taken for granted.Its considered as a duty on your part.If there is proper acknowledgement from loved ones this left out feeling will go away.*p**p*Irrespective of kids,parents ,spouse if you have a goal which is not connected with any one around and your working towards it ,that goal which is solely for you alone then also you will feel better in " feeling left out"*p**p* *p**p* *p*

  7. Its normal to wish for things that you might have had if you had made a different choice. *p**p*If you miss your college days then maybe you could spend some time with your friends. *p**p*If you feel that you are always known as the wife of someone then try to get back your own identity. *p**p*If you are fed up of the extra responsibility remember that you have a fantastic family.*p**p*You can modify a few things in your life but remember you can't eat your cake and have it too. *p*

  8. You feel left out of life or the marriage? Everything in life has to evolve, If we are expecting the same kind of atmostphere we had when we first met, now thats unrealistic. Maybe one needs to check on , what my expectations are from life. Maybe now you need to steer your life into a direction of purpose? *p**p*Maybe re discover yourself, your passions, your interests. When we find a purpose then the marriage doesnt take all the burden of entertaining us all the time. I know its tough, but evolving and constantly moving ahead is the only real way ahead. Rest is mumbo jumbo. *p*

  9. There is a fine line between scarifice and compromise. It is alright to compromise but nt alright to sacrifice everything for others. You are important too. Ad if you dotn give yourself importance, belive me, no one else will. *p*

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