Decision making

Should two people get married when either of them is financially settled or wait for both the partners to become secure?

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July 13, 2017


  1. Practically speaking, financial insecurities take a toll on mutual understanding and harmony. Although the line 'Pyaar se pet nahi bharta' may sound cliche, there is nothing but truth in it. *p**p*But whether it is enough for just either of them to be financially stable is a mutual call. Then there is another dimension of how much importance do both partners attach to their financial independence, mostly the girl, where we live. Besides, in our society, a guy's financial capabilities is the foremost criterion in seeking a 'go ahead' from the families.*p*

  2. Why isn’t there a third option where none of them is financially secure? I’d love a love story like that where they struggle and explore their love for each other. This makes the bond really strong. We can see many examples in our society where a couple started from scratch and build everything for themselves.