Define respect

whenever I have asked any female friend of mine what she is looking for in a man, she says 'someone who respects me'. How do we judge respect in a relationship? What do women want when they say that? Apart from the obvious of not being a chauvinist pig? 🙂

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June 7, 2017


  1. Respect means thinking with an open mind what the woman opines…and even if you think differently do not be condescending…also women sometimes want to be pampered and sometimes respected! It is a lil confusing…I must say!  *p*

  2. Respect has to be earned. Be open minded. Listen to others. Don't impose yourself or your views on others. *p*

  3. i think that when a woman says she wants respect she means that she is not a possession or arm candy. She is an individual with her own way of living. She wants her views and desires to be given importance. She wants to be treated with politeness. *p*

  4. It might be… to respect her existence, trust her and be grateful instead of to be possessive..*p*

  5. Respect is respecting one's space, desires, and preferences, and not force anything upon them. Basically let them remain themselves. *p*

  6. Someone who would not try to change to the woman he loves. And respects her personality and individuality. That's what a woman loves in her partner. And it's similar in the case of guys too. If we love someone we should love them for the way they are. *p*

  7. Their version of respect is the same that we find in the dictionary. It means you need to respect her as a person first. You need to respect her individual needs, aspirations, opinions and space. It means that she does not want a person who regulates her life but she wants a person who sees her as a capable human being just like the man. That is what respect is.*p*