Depressed after my break up

I have recently come out of a decade long relationship. While I don't want to get back with him, i am not able to overcome depression after the break up. I feel a big chunk of my life has disappeared and the future is blank. Don't know what to do

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Priya Jindal
June 7, 2017


  1. Do not have to forget him because you cannot. But you have to move on. It is like moving from one chapter of your life to another. With time, you will start loving the present and the past will just exist as memories. Go on a vacation and try to keep you mind occupied. Try to do things that you genuinely love. It is a very good healer. Try to concentrate on the future. You have the whole life in front of you and your past cannot hinder it. Time is the best healer. Trust me!*p*

  2. It may sound cliched and what everyone else also would have been suggesting you but the fact is that you have to move on. And you have to figure out how. You can go to counseling sessions too. They help a lot! And try to be as less alone as possible. Loneliness will always remind you of him. So, try to be in groups and hang around with your friends. They'll help you the most to get over him. *p*

  3. Don't try n forget him but involve yourself in activities that keep you happy n slowly he will become a distant memory and his memories will not give u so much pain. Never be alone always Excerise and do charity *p*

  4. Hey…I have a few suggestions! You need to keep yourself busy. Be with friends, or activities. Take up a hobby to fill the extra time. Go for movies. Do not stay alone. This is one of the best time to take care of your health… *p*

  5. If you are so depressed then pls ask yourself again and again – do you really not want him back into your life? It's easy to say but the heart may not agree. Know your reasons for leaving the man….analyse….ponder….think….*p**p*Can you live without him? More importantly, can you share your life with someone else? *p*

  6. Thank you for your kind words. It's just feeling depressed after the breakup is also adding to it. I feel stupid for letting it affect me so much!*p*

  7. Hi Priya,*p**p*I understand that ending of a decade long relationship adds many dark shades in one's life. But the only choice that you have in your hand is to move on and it wont happen in a day. Engage yourself in activities that keeps you happy and busy, pamper yourself and plz always remember that any person hold importance in your life, coz you give them a chance to be important in your life. Now be the lead actor of your story and start fresh.*p**p*More luv to u*p**p*Shipra *p*

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