In a relationship, there are those wonderful times when things go smoothly for both people and neither person needs to focus too heavily on the concept of detachment. But there are those challenging times when one person is in crisis or changing – and we need to detach.Then there are stressful cycles when both people in a relationship are in the midst of dealing with intense issues. Both are needy and neither has anything to give.These are times when detachment and taking care of ourselves are difficult. It is helpful, in these moments, to identify the problem. Both people are in the midst of dealing and healing. Neither has much to give, at least at the moment. And both are feeling particularly needy.That is the problem.What’s the solution?

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Siddhartha Shankar Mishra
September 12, 2017


  1. Detachment stems from deep understanding & healing all bitterness & hurt.
    Any residual anger, or disappointment will hamper the process of detachment . Expressing your true feelings will ease the process.
    Neediness is the key here- the idea is to get detached from the neediness

  2. It’s a tricky time. You need to take a break. gather some fresh air and approach.

  3. The solution is to have a proper closure, is what I feel @siddhartha-mishra. Only once we meet and discuss things out openly, can we have a proper closure and then the detachment would be easier, since we would not have questions boiling in our minds – waiting for answers.

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