Different diet preferences between husband and me

I got married recently. I am a pure vegetarian but my husband eats chicken. How do I tell him without offending that I am fine if he eats outside but should not eat chicken inside the house?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I just heard the same thing from a relative where the girl etas non-veg and the guy does not. The parents of the guy said that she can eat it out but it will not come at home. I feel home is made by two, so it should be a joint decision, came upon after some discussion.

  2. You seem to be irked by his cooking in the house as you might be scared your vessels would be contaminated,i think our thinking should broaden he is only eating it not doung any harm to you,vessels can be washed well and used.I am a vegan but my husband eats once in a while and cooks and cleans everything so there is no fuss.Learn to accomodate instead of being on a high horse relationship would improve.

  3. If you really feel disgusted then try talking to him directly. If he doesn’t force you to eat chicken then he would understand. But, tell me would you feel good that after telling him about it, won’t he feel awkward that he can’t eat non veg at his own house? He might. So, yeah think it carefully before taking any step. Both of you can compromise for one single solution.

  4. veg or non veg should really not matter, as long as the other person does not force someone to eat it too, or be present when he or she is eating. But its a matter of a person’s choice and if you speak to your husband softly, rationally, making your view point known and the importance of not having non vegetarian food in the house.

  5. I guess even if he eats inside the house without interfering with you (asking you to cook or serve the meat or even asking you to eat) it should be fine. As long as he cooks the meat himself or orders the food, it actually shouldn’t matter!

    Quick question though, what if he eats inside the house, how actually does it affect? Is it the smell?

  6. I think mutual consideration is required in this matter. I hope you already knew that he was a non-vegetarian before marriage. Food habits are not at all a problem I guess. Everyone has their choices, and its better to let them alone. As far as you are concerned, if you really feel that it is bothering you, you can try letting him know about your feelings endearingly. But I am not sure that this should be held up as an issue.

  7. Guess it’s always a question of compatibility, understanding and mutual give and take. Once you have oodles of all these ingredients everything else is secondary. Jab Miya Biwi Ràazi tho kya karega kaazi…. ??

  8. Living with someone with different choices is difficult. Even if your husband agreed to eat non veg outside, know that it might interfere with what time you two spend together. Before you ask him to eat non veg outside, see how much it is a part of his diet. If he consumes it once in a while, going out is fine. But if non veg is a part of his daily routine, then not letting him eat it at home may be detrimental to your budding relationship. Whatever solution you two find has to be effective in the long term. All the best!

  9. I think marriage is a union of understanding and patience, combined with tolerance. As long as your husband is not imposing his dietary habits on you, I don’t think you have the right to do so either.

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