Do children develop a healthy attitude towards sex when they grow up watching their parents make love?

In our society, children are not allowed to know anything about sex. Elders and parents do not talk about it and they indulge in it when children are away or fast asleep or they seek privacy in another room away from children. But in small nuclear families where parents are liberal minded, many of them indulge in sexual practices or move around in minimal clothing. They have no qualms if their children see them in the nude. Is this a healthy way to educate children about sex? Or should they fear that children are likely to start having early experiences in case they are exposed to sex?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I def think we need a healthier attitude towards display of affection than what we have! No wonder we are a sex crazed nation! We need to make the kids feel that sexuality is fine…but to what degree is a question. We need expert involvelme here, i think. *p*

  2. I don't think so….*p**p*I am all for sex education and children knowing how and why but I do think that watching parents indulge in the act will not be healthy for their mental health.*p**p*Extremes of any kind are undesirable, I am all for the middle path.*p*

  3. Proper ways of potrayal in the sense of execution of the act.  Superexposition of everything isn't the ultimate factor of modernization. There must be some limitations to it.  *p*

  4. Sex is what not liberally talked about or either exhibited to a large extent in India.  It's because we are still sackled between past old cultures and modernization… Education is important… Proper sex education… We can't expect walking nude infront of our children and have them a good view about sex… The potrayal of it in a proper way to our next generation is important… Itz important to know for them the three W's of it-What,  Why and When. *p*

  5. Well, when it comes to Sex, there is no right or wrong way to educate someone about it. Being discreet about it wouldn't help as children would always use their naive minds and find a not so decent way to self-educate themselves. And being open about it in a hippie way will also impact their young minds. So, there should be a perfect balance. A Quid-pro-quo which will help them learn something and perceive it as something beautiful and not a taboo.*p**p* *p**p*According to me, Sex is all about finding your love and sharing it with each other in the most intimate way. And somehow your parents can't teach you about it. But they should not treat it as a subject of controversy when their kids come to them seeking their doubts. That's how it is, and that's how it'll be when it comes to Sex and Indian parents' mentality.   *p*

  6. To have a healthy attitude towards sex children need the correct information on sex and it is best if it comes from parents. It is a must that parents should have a "talk" with their children and the details of it may depend on their comfort levels. In some family instead of the "talk" parents provide booklets on reproductive systems and sex to children to read and know.*p**p*Second point is about parents being in minimal clothes. That to some extent has been happening in all families. For instance I have always seen my mother in saree whereas my son sees me in shorts. Again it depends on everyone's comfort level. Seeing their parents comfortable with their bodies the children will learn body positivities.*p**p*Last one is about seeing parents making love. I have to draw the line here. I think sex is too personal so one would not want anyone else not even their children witness it unless they are exhibitionists.*p**p*Given our time it is inevitable that children watch some kind of bed room scenes on screen. The parents can decide on the age at which the children are eligible to watch such shows/movies. Even if they allow still they have to have a "talk" with children how these things are different from real life to avoid any kind of misinformation.*p*

  7. Ajay, you are perfectly entitled to hold this view like many others. You are free to draw as many lines as you like. But please explain how does it scar a child who already has an idea about how babies are made. *p*

  8. Yeah, you are liberal to a large extent. Hope your assessment/take keeps you sorted in delivering the right information and at the right time. *p*

  9. Then let us find a middle position first, neither too conservative nor too extremist. Parents find it uncomfortable to discuss – some place respected magazines with sex education themes on their desks with the hope that children will read and understand everything there is to know about sex. Subtle ways of discussing the matter will be tried. Not sure how effective these are, but this is one issue every parent wants the child to learn on his own. Parents themselves have not been beneficiaries of this education so they are not too convinced of the scientific ways to impart knowledge here. *p**p* *p*