Do extramarital affairs last after a divorce?

Do extramarital affairs last after a divorce?

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Swati Mehra
July 13, 2017


  1. They can but only if the people involved can trust each other inspite of knowing that they have been unfaithful in the past. Especially if only one person was unfaithful to their erstwhile partner, the other may be insecure from the beginning. Also, sometimes an important thing that keeps such affairs going is the seeming thrill of hiding it from the world, or just to escape from the present relationship. Once the curtains are off, the romance can fizzle if it is not based on deeper connections.*p*

  2. Why not? If a person can have an extramarital affair while being married then I don't see how a divorce would change anything. It would just push him even more to be involved in it.*p*

  3. Well…totally dependent on situation. However, possibilities of vanishing the fling is there after getting grinded in the court.*p*

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