Do inspiring love stories relationships impact us?

Do inspiring love stories relationships  impact us?

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Swati Mehra
June 7, 2017


  1. Absolutely! all beings are connected, and empathy is a sterling emote and bonding with the 'other'. Who hasnt had childhood crushes on their hunk hero or sweet heroine? in fact i am so convinced about this that i actually wrote in my book Shiva the ultimate time traveller that Shiva resonated with Majnu and romeo!*p**p*whenever a lover looked to the skies in the anguish of a torn love, his cry would pierce straight into Shiva’s heart as a resonant and lethal arrow. And He had seen this story repeat itself not only with lovers whose names had become immortalised, but also those, whose tears had been shed unsung.*p*When Laila, a woman who had become the object of love for a young man, called out his name in utter despair, Shiva heard whispers of “Majnu, beloved Majnu” in His own ear.*p*It was no different when a young lad called Romeo sang as he ran down the cobbled streets of Verona; Shiva found Himself whistling happily into the air! It could not have been different; the same story happened across the sands of times, not only in deserts, but also in the mountains, the forests, across oceans and, as Shiva knew, sometimes, even beyond the planet.*p*With each story, He felt an immense upheaval, an immense empathy.*p*He had been the greatest Lover in the world.*p*Love was the essence of what they were; love was existence.*p*Love, it was, that was in the beginning, love, that sustained the present, and love it would be, in the end.*p*

  2. It certainly does as inspiring love stories have an underlying message which in most cases is about how strong relationship gets nurtured and grows because of two vital ingredientscalled love and trust. Most of the love stories which we may have heard about speaks about these two tenets, without which relationship may crumble. *p*

  3. Every story has its own dialogue, comparing one love story with the other will only confuse you. Make your own rules and experiences, make those inspirational for you and your partner*p*

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