Do long distance relationships work?

Do long distance relationships work?

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Neeti Singh
June 7, 2017


  1. Works if it is meant to. Many friends of mine were in a long distance relationship and are now married to each other. I was however in a long distance relationship but it unfortunately did not work out. Depends from couple to couple. Personally, I feel it is a little difficult for me because I do not like to communicate virtually with my loved ones. But for some people its different. That is why I say it works if it is meant to. *p*

  2. Sure technology is a good aid (and the evil too). Its the intention that counts strongest. But you need massive amount of trust, lot of scheduling, a goal to reach after the long distance is over. *p**p*Just as a close proximity relationship can fall apart despite best intentions, similarly a long distance one can work, but needs greater effort.*p**p*Look up story of Mitali & Ali. Ali describes beautifully how his parents made their long distance relationship work, living in different countries . Look up on youtube or google it. I happened to watch it just a couple of days back on FB*p*

  3. Of course, they do. And it has nothing to do with statistics or history or facts but it has everything to do with the people who are involved in. They should put the extra effort which is required to make a long distance relationship. And that extra effort comes very easily to both the partners when they actually love each other and want to relationship to work.*p*

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