Do men take rejection more aggressively than women?

Why does men behave so violently when rejected?

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July 13, 2017


  1. A Real man who has a big heart and respects women will always respect rejection calmly and go in a shell for sometime.Happened with me a couple of times :)*p*

  2. @manpreet –  So true. They r not even humans. Human life is the best life on this planet. It comes with equal responsibility too. Human must live life sensibly and responsibly. Protect planet, protect &  nurture nature, help animals,  birds,  poor people and so on….. *p*

  3. A real man never hurts a woman 🙂 Real man would preferably harm himself than to the woman, irrespective of rejection/xyz reasons. A male who hurts female doesn't fall in #MENZONE*p*

  4. Exactly, although both the genders feel hurt and feel a hint of aggression when rejected but men are biologically more aggressive. Thank you for the insight :)*p*

  5. Yeah, upbringing and patriarchy plays a lot in making men believe that physical violence is equal to manhood. Also, in my opinion, why men behave violently is because they haven't been through difficult phrases while growing up as compared to women who go through painful biological experiences. These biological experience teach womenpatience and tolerance.*p*

  6. Thank you for this male point of view. There are very less men who agree to this. Men express anger in physical terms while women tend to be silent. Although, we cannot change the aggressivity in males since it is a biological fact but I, definitely, think that the male ego can be sobered down in the early age.*p*

  7. Yes, I agree that women also behave violently to rejection. I too have read stories where women have reacted brutally to rejecction but I think those incidents happen quite rarely. The rate of women reacting aggressively is way lower than of mens'. I recently shared a story where the boy was a narcissist and couldn't tolerate rejection. He physcically hurt the girl, stalked herl, badmouthed about her to her friends & colleagues, and even break into her appartment. *p**p*Undoubtedly, upbringing matters. Parents & school institutions should teach children how to cope with rejection & failure in life.*p*

  8. Definitely, toady is the time of gender equality but somehow, I would like to highlight, that men & women are differently wired and it really depends on the gender how one reacts to such things. I am not denying the fact that women do not get hurt but I cannot really deny that women are more tend to behave passive-aggressively.*p**p* *p*

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