Do strong financial position play an important part in a harmonious and peaceful relationship?

How important is money in the short and long run, in a marriage? 

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Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
June 7, 2017


  1. People with a lot of money can have miserable marriages and vice-versa. I think money cannot bring peace or harmony to any relationship. At best, it can bring a sense of security.   *p*

  2. I feel similar attitudes about money — how this should be spent, or not spent —  goes a long way to make relationships less acrimonious!*p**p*The amount of money one has to spend, according to me, is less of a factor for harmonious relationship…*p*

  3. Money is an essential ingredient in or out of marriage. However, it is difficult to quantify the amount that is needed for a peaceful existence in a marriage. If one is practical in life then one need not be a multi-millionaire to enjoy the little nuances of life. What is more important is what excites both the husband and the wife. Sometimes, a little money is enough. Depends on the individuals.*p*

  4. Money is imp.yes it does contribute to happiness in marriage because it facilitates in so many aspects of life…to carry on ones dreams and see it being fulfilled.for eg  njoying tours n shopping and enrolling kids in best schools and so forth.THIS doesn't mean that having more money is the only  factor for happiness in marriage.But life is full of struggles.At least if the finance in not an added one, it helps.*p**p*On the other hand,  if there is all other things lacking, money is not going to help achieve happiness.*p*

  5. Exactly. Security is an important aspect of having a stable life. But only stability cannot help in the long period when there is no time, love or respect left for each other in a relationship which often get lost owing to the race for survival and earning more and more.*p*

  6. Economics…runs everything. Because women have started earning, their positon has changed. The thing is we do not have a model to follow with the new dynamics where men and women both earn, where they run a family together (nuclear set-up), where both take decisions…I think equality in earning may lead to issues before we begin to understad how to work through this new way of living… *p*

  7. They way Indian mind set works, it is still male dominated. Men try and not touch their women's money and still want to retain a sense of control over them. *p*

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