Do we consider “love” a commodity these days, that once acquired, ensures happiness forever?

Do we globalised success-oriented people consider love successful only when our partner is a successful man\ accomplished lady? Do we dream of a picturesque happiness ever after with a successful partner when we consider partnership as a choice of life?

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Kathakali Mukherjee
October 19, 2017


  1. True Shobha, concepts of relationship also change with time. But success is not static. There are ups and downs in life. A person who looks attractively successful today, may slip a few steps tomorrow, or may not ascend to peak as expected. If after settling down, the former admirer finds the person not so pleasurable as anticipated earlier. I was wondering how does that new findings change relationship between two people?

  2. I think it is more about selfish love for our own comfort and happiness. The old concepts of sacrifice, compromise, making efforts are actually losing their value. Not all, I would say. True and inspiring love is still very much present in today’s world. Success and ambition-driven people also find the time and need for the real kind of love. But yeah, most are lost. Seeking a successful partner to settle down and enjoy the bodily and material pleasures of life.

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